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Updated 29th January 2017

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For non-SVfM reports and so forth click –  ‘What’s The Wargames Buzz With Gary’. PLEASE NOTE SOME EMAIL SERVERS – ESPECIALLY IN THE USA – ARE CURRENTLY PINGING BACK OUR AUTOMATED EMAILS. If you have problems – just email and we can reply using a private server (which is what Mrs C of Washington suggested we do) 🙂


QE II 4Just got to share this wonderful painting of our DW2 ‘Elizabeth II’ model from customer Paul Meagher.


Some of our female miniatures can now be purchased on a retail basis via ‘Bad Squiddo Games’


Writing-wise the VSF collaborative spin-off ‘Georgina Talbot – Steampunk Princess’ is on the stocks and under development – and a page for this has been set-up – so check out episodes 1, 2, 13 – and 24!


Our ‘SVfM’ D6 promo dice have now run out – we sharn’t be stocking more unless there is a demand for a re-order. Price list (pricelist  ) here to download.


We’re getting hip to da thang wiv da kidz in da hood and ‘ave set up a ‘SVfM’ Facebook page @!/groups/278318402249603/ . So sign up for your chance to bring truth, freedom, justice and democracy to the galaxy.


Keep watching the skies!

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