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Update 7th July 2014.

2014 has already seen the release of Fiona’s new ‘SVfM – Dark Chronicles’ adventure cycle of alien abduction set in the world of authorship ‘Writers Circle’ – and – yes – the punctuation is deliberate. Type casting?

Shows – see ‘Conventions Page’. For  reports and so forth see ‘What’s The Wargames Buzz With Gary’.

‘Book 8′ is completed and on sale.

Our twelve 2013 sculpts are now available – Yes, our 12 new miniatures have been cast and put onto the ‘Shop’ – three in the ‘Divine Wind’ range and seven in the ‘Personalities’. So, that’s four variant Space Vixens, Lizzie and Darcy vampire slayers, Comrade USSR, a human sniper, male and female USE starship crew and male and female Martian starship crew. As we get proper painted examples photographed these will be posted on the site.This completes the range for the moment.

Writing-wise the VSF collaborative spin-off ‘Georgina Talbot – Steampunk Princess’ is on the stocks and under development – and a page for this has been set-up – so check out episodes 1, 2, 13  and the newly added 24 now!

Our ‘SVfM’ D6 promo dice have now run out – we sharn’t be stocking more unless there is a demand for a re-order. Price list ( pricelist ) here to download – we’re holding prices, despite inflation.

We’re getting hip to da thang wiv da kidz in da hood and ‘ave set up a ‘SVfM’ Facebook page @!/groups/278318402249603/ . So sign up for your chance to bring truth, freedom, justice and democracy to the galaxy.

Keep watching the skies!

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