The ‘Space Vixens From Mars’ series are not only light-hearted ‘girls own’ adventure novels but also a fully integrated miniatures gaming system, freely referencing the cliche and metaphor of sixty years of sci-fi. An ‘historical’ and ‘fantasy’ rule supplement – using the rule engine – is also in production.

With something for boys and girls of all ages the saga begins in Y2K with the abduction from Earth of seven young women by a mysterious race known as ‘The Greys’. Waking in the 26th century they are recruited by Mars to protect a humanity reforming in the aftermath of a vast war of aggression against the peaceful Galactic Coalition by the evil United States Of Earth (USE).



We are constantly expanding our range of ‘Space Vixens From Mars’ 1/3000th scale ships and 28mm figures to compliment existing vessels, rules and miniatures – sculpted by Martin Baker and cast by ‘Black Cat Bases’ . In addition to our own miniatures we use converted figures painted by Gary or Vixens artwork maestro Frank Cutbush. These include a scratch-built model of the Vixen’s ship ‘Amazon’. We are currently developing a ‘kit’ version.

New material from our 2010 games onwards will be included in ‘Book Eight’.

This new website – and our packaging and promotion system is now operational – and we’ve been approached about developing a computer game!!!!