During 2017-19 we have mostly been informally trailing and playtesting our new ‘Macro’ unit level and fast play ‘SFD’ rules at shows…


As a homage to the 40th anniversary of ‘Jaws In Space’ going on general release at the pictures, our game for Southbourne Tabletop And Boardgamers is set in 2537 – and the Space Vixens from Mars find themselves in a parallel universe gone mad. Mindless zombies roam what was once the UK – as a few survivors battle to survive flesh-eating aliens – who care not whether they consume the living, the dead, Leavers or Remainers…

How many can you ‘seed’? The results will be displayed on the side of a bus…

Game taken to Colours 7th September 2019.


Our game for Southbourne Tabletop And Boardgamers – a modern skirmish using our SVfM Historical skirmish rules. Special agent 007 (Daniel Craig) uncovers a sinister plot to abduct the British PM (Kierea Knightly) on her visit to Estonia. Can the plot be thwarted? And just who is the mysterious ‘Boris’ (Charles Dance) – and is he working for an unanmed East European power..?

Game taken to Beachhead 17th February 2018.


Strange alien vehicles arrive in Devon to disrupt people’s holidays.

The Army and RAF intervene – but will it be enough to save Earth?

Fun with our rules in a ‘Near Past’ scenario…

Game taken to ‘Blast-Tastic’ (Bristol) 7th October 2017 – contact


25rdisplayIn which the girls find themselves long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away – in a hive of scum and villiany almost as dangerous as Earth’s legendary Poole Quay! Can they help Luke, Obi-Wan and the droids reach the ‘Millennium Falcon’?

Game taken to ‘Blast-Tastic’ (Bristol) 1st October 2016 – contact


The Federation colony on Potractor VI has been destroyed – reportedly by some kind of ‘screeching dustbin-like machine’. The ‘Enterprise’ has been sent to investigate and – if necessary – destroy the invaders. After beaming down a landing party in force, the ‘Enterprise’ has ben forced to manoeuvre away to enage an unindentified alien vessel. For the moment – you are on your own…

Game taken to ‘Blast-Tastic’ (Bristol) 3rd October 2015 – contact


 width= An historical game – it is 1588 – and with the Spanish Armada threatening – trouble has flared with ‘reivers’ upon England’s northern border. As Lord Warden of the North, Lord Percy Percy has been dispatched by Queen Elizabeth to go ‘beyond The Wall’, to work with sympathetic Scots protestants to prevent an anti-English coup, and to suggest King James accession to both crowns. With Lord Percy is his trusty companion, and Queen’s favourite, Lord Edmund Blackadder. But there are those north of the border who wish to see England and its Queen destroyed – and will stop at nothing to ambush the emissary…

Game taken to ‘Colours’ (Newbury) 12th September 2015 – contact ).


webIn which the ‘politically inconvenient’ Space Vixens are sent upon a desperate mission to planet Karangar – only to disappear from the galaxy forever in a blaze of glory.

Or do they?

Game taken to ‘Attack’ (Devizes) 18th July 2015 – contact; ‘Fisticffs’ (Weymouth) 30th May 2015, contact ; ‘Legionary 2014’ : (Exeter) 2nd May, 2015 ; ‘Salute’ (London) 25th April 2015, ‘Blast-Tastic’ (Bristol) 4th October 2014 – contact

‘Saving Prince Harry’

princeharrypicAn historical game – it is 2014 – and trouble has flared beyond NATO’s eastern border in an unnamed country bordering the Black Sea. ‘Peacekeeping forces’ have intervened from East and West. HRH Prince Harry’s chopper has crashed whilst dropping supplies to refugees. Now both sides are anxious to ‘rescue’ him – by any means necessary!

Can you rescue the Prince before the forces of an unnamed Eurasian power are able to pull off a huge propaganda coup?

Game taken to ‘Attack’ (Devizes) 19th July 2014 – contact;
‘Valhalla’ (Farnborough) 15th June 2014 – contact; ‘Fisticuffs’ (Weymouth) 31st May 2014 – contact ; ‘Legionary 2014’ (Exeter 3rd May 2014 – contact

Richard Brewer’s ‘Wolf Thane”

wt1wolfthaneupdatedad ‘Wolf Thane’ participation – a chance to try Richard Brewer’s new ‘SVfM ruleset adaptation – packed full of artwork and stories (the full novel is available on ‘Amazon Kindle’ at

Game taken to
‘Salute’ (London) 12th April 2014 – contact


dunwich2552 – and Leylandii autonomous genetic warfare vehicles have been launched at Earth; one surviving orbital defences to fall, damaged, into the sea off the East Anglian coastal village of Dunwich to begin engineering the local marine life into killing bio-machines. With prior experience of such devices the Space Vixens are dispatched to to evaluate the potential threat, liaising with the local ‘Home Guard’ until the arrival of regular KOE forces. Can you hold off the monsters until help arrives? Can you forget Dunwich was once the infamous Mrs Plumber’s constituency?

Game taken to
‘A Call To Arms’ (Theale) 15th February 2014 – contact ); ‘Colours’ (Reading) 14th September 2013 – contact ).

EPISODE 25K – ‘DIVINE WIND: A SPACE VIXEN AT THE COURT OF KING ARTHUR’ back in time by The Supreme Being, a duplicate of Space Vixen Hannah Windsor finds herself King Arthur’s mum. Can she survive an attempt by the evil Morgan Le Fay to kidnap and ritually sacrifice her?

Game taken to
‘Attack’ (Devizes) 20th July 2013 – contact ; ‘Valhalla 13’ (Farnborough) 17th June 2013 – contact ;
‘Fisticuffs’ (Weymouth) 25th May 2013 – contact ; ‘Legionary 2013’ (Exeter), 4th May 2013 -contact ; ‘Salute’ (London), 20th April 2013 – contact


  In which the Vixens (aided by Elizabeth Cortes) try to arrest members of the USE hierarchy for ‘war crimes’ – and so do the Leylandii (for their own reasons) during their annexation of Anistan Prime.

Game taken to
‘Warfare’ (Reading), 17th November 2012 – contact; Colours’ (Newbury and Reading), 8th September 2012 – contact ). ‘A Call To Arms’ (Theale) 9th February 2013 (Contact ).


Our new participation game (unsurprisingly) featured Alexander The Great and his men fighting girls (including the Space Vixens) over who will do the washing up and put the kids to bed.

Game taken to
‘Attack’ (Devizes, 21st July 2012 – contact ); ‘Valhalla’ (Farnborough, 17th June 2012 – contact ); ‘Fisticuffs’ (Weymouth, 5th May 2012 – contact ); ‘Salute’ (London, 21st April 2012 – contact ).


 What has happened to the archaeologists sent to planet Nalgo VII? The Space Vixens intend to find out…

 A special RPG style game with hidden animals and vegetable hazards…

Game taken to
‘Games Expo 2012? (Birmingham Clarendon Suites – 26th-27th May 2012 – see; ‘Call To Arms’ (Newbury and Reading, 11th February 2012 – contact [email protected] ); ‘Dragonmeet’, Kensington, London on 26th November 2011 (see ).


Sent back in time by The Supreme Being, the Space Vixens must help restore democracy in 1984 during the ousting of the evil Mrs Plumber, rescue Queen Elizabeth, and ensure history pans out as it should…

Game taken to ‘Warfare’; Reading on 19th November 2011 (see ): ‘Skirmish’, Sidcup on 25th September 2011 (see ): ‘Colours’ (Newbury 10th September 2011 – contact .


 Can the incognito Vixens assist the US Cavalry to stop evil ‘Southern Belle’ Professor Avonbourne resurrecting the deceased Confederate President into the body of Teddy Rooseveldt? An ACW / VSF themed adventure set on an alternate Mars.

Game taken to ‘Attack’ (Devizes, 23rd July 2011 – contact ); ‘Battlegroup South’ Bovington (see on 2nd and 3rd July 2011; ‘Valhalla’, Farnborough on 19th June 2011 (see ); ‘Broadside’, Sittingbourne on 12th June 2011 (see ); ‘UK Games Expo 2011’ Birmingham Clarendon Suites (see on 4th-5th June 2011; ‘Legionary 2011’ Exeter (see on 7th May 2011 (first surprise appearance of the miniature VSF newlywed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge); ‘Fisticuffs’ (Weymouth, 30th April 2011 – contact ); ‘Salute 2011’ London Excel Centre (see on 16th April 2011.


 Can you symbolically defeat the evil USE by placing the Coalition flag on top of the AA building – and win the hearts and minds of the people of Basingstoke by giving them back democracy?

Game taken to ‘Overlord’, Abingdon on 6th March 2011 (see ); ‘Call To Arms’ (Newbury and Reading, 12th February 2011 – contact [email protected] ): ‘PAW’ Plymouth on 5th February 2011 (see; ‘Wargamer’ Birmingham (see on 5th December 2010; ‘Reveille II’ Bristol (contact on 28th November 2010; ‘Warfare’; Reading on 20th November 2010 (contact; ‘SELWG’, Crystal Palace, London, on 17th October 2010 (see ); ‘Skirmish’, Sidcup on 26th September 2010 (see ); ‘Colours’ (Newbury 11th September 2010 – contact ).


Defeat the evil USE by placing the Coalition flag on top of the Millenium Stadium – and win the hearts and minds of the people of Wales by restoring democracy (a special Welsh version of ‘Invasion Basingstoke!’ involving the return of Owen Glyn Dwr).

Game taken to ‘Crusade’, Penarth on 31st January 2011 (see


Can you help the Space Vixens escape back to their ship from a variety of enemies?

Game taken to ‘Attack 2010’ Devizes on 17th July 2010 (contact ); ‘Valhalla’, Farnborough on 20th June 2010 (see ); ‘UK Games Expo 2010’ Birmingham Clarendon Suites (see on 5th June 2010.


Can you steal seemingly abandoned alien tech – all against the clock of an unpredictable, about to explode, neuton star and rival great powers out to gain it for themselves?

Game taken to ‘UK Games Expo 2010’ Birmingham Clarendon Suites (see on 6th June 2010; ‘Legionary 2010’ Exeter (see on 1st May 2010 and ‘Salute 2010’ London Excel Centre (see on 24th April 2010.


 At each show we ran several games of ‘Bar Fight!’ each with a different winner of the ‘last being standing’ award’. On Rim world Luan VI can you go for a drink without upsetting your fellow patrons or the local law enforcement agency?

Picture of game by the legendary John Lambshead, a veteran gamer whose blog ( John’s Toy Soldiers ) is gaining ground as an honest forum. Issue 3 of The Ancible contains a version of ‘Bar Fight’. To buy the game from us visit the shop.
Game taken to ‘Skirmish’, Sidcup on 21st March 2010 (see ); ‘Overlord’, Abingdon on 7th March 2010 (see ); ‘Cavalier’, Tonbridge, Kent on 28th February 2010 (see ); ‘PAW’ Plymouth on 6th February 2010 (see; ‘Crusade’, Penarth on 30th January 2010 (see


In our new ‘VSF’ / ‘Steampunk’ participation game Episode 25A.3. – ‘The League Of Extraordinary Gentlewomen’ the Vixens find themselves in a parallel VSF universe, and must take on evil cepolohod aliens with heat-rays and (perhaps even more sinister) the French, out to enslave green and red-skinned natives alike, under the lash of croissant and vin ordinaire, to build another of Monsieur Eiffel’s monstrosities. Can the British Empire prevail to ensure the natives are peacefully guided towards eventual dominion status? You help decide. (VSF doodle of Hannah by Bethann Sivite from Birmingham show).

Taken to ‘Birmingham Wargamers Show’ Birmingham (see on 13th December 2009, ‘Warfare’, Reading on 21st November 2009 (contact, ‘Colours’ (Newbury 12th September 2009 – contact ).


In ‘Labyrinth Of Death’the Vixens must negotiate an underground base to rescue trapped Martian ‘Triple O’ agent John Rain – before he breaks under torture and tells the enemy everything they want to know!*

* Obviously not stuff like ‘where they left their speeder keys’, or ‘why nice girls don’t like them…’ Mainly military secrets, that sort of stuff…
Taken to ‘South West Model Exhibition’ – sponsored by ‘Miniature Wargames’ – on 18th April 2009 (contact ).


A ground combat game without the Space Vixens. On the alien ‘forgeworld’ of Steelgate desperate Caprican warriors and ZX Series ‘war bots’ strive for mastery of a planet of devastaing military potential in a fight to the death/deactivation for a space elevator.

A game where the bots must trade units for time… and the Capricans know death awaits as the order goes out – ‘not one hoof back!’

The picture is Gary and Steve with the ‘Best Participation Game’ trophy won at ‘Fisticuffs’ – our first!

Taken to ‘To The Redoubt’ (Eastbourne, 25th July 2009 – contact ), ‘Attack 2009’ Devizes on 18th July 2009 (contact ), ‘Valhalla 09’ Farnborough on 21st June 2009 – contact ); ‘Campaign’ Milton Keynes on 9th May 2009 – contact , ‘Fisticuffs’ (Weymouth, 25th April 2009 – contact [email protected] ) and ‘Salute 2009’ London Excel Centre (see on 28th March 2009.


A space combat game without the Space Vixens. On its shakedown cruise new dreadnought USES Earth detects traitorous research vessel HMS ‘Sir Richard Dawkins’ … But who’s baiting whose trap? A game of guile, bluff, and randomly malfuctioning operating systems!

Taken to ‘Overlord’, Abingdon (see ) 1st March 2009, ‘Call To Arms’ (Newbury and Reading, 7th February 2009 – contact [email protected] ) and ‘Crusade’, Penarth, 31st January 2009 (see


 In ‘Episode 24.1 – Tribunal’ in which the Vixens have to track down war criminal Caravan Radish before the USE bad guys take him away to conduct more fearful alien experiments. He’s hiding anonymously somewhere in the quaint English village of Gresley St. Kylie – a place where anyone could be the suspect. Kind of ‘The Archers’ meets ‘Blade Runner’– and each game  produced a different result. Dawn’s pictures here shows street action as the Vixens and Knight of Gaia, Sir Tristan du Lac, grapple with a burly and over-armed Sgt. Blunkett – while USE Protectoral Guards deal with the local district nurse. Will ‘Austen Syndrome’ prevent Sir Tristan and Sita completing their mission..? Only YOU can decide. (Well, you and the other players, obviously…)

Taken to ‘Magister Militum Open Day’ (Redlynch, Salisbury 11th October 2008 – contact; ‘Colours’ (Newbury 13th September 2008 – contact ); ‘Warfare’, Reading on 22nd November 2008 (contact; ‘Reveille’, Bristol on 30th November 2008 (contact


Gary interviewed on ‘Thames Valley Tonight’ TV show to promote ‘ Gen Con games convention at Reading University (we didn’t attend to run games – just to promote the hobby etc)


This game is played from the Leylandii perspective. Marooned members of The Growth have to survive for ten turns against an overwhleming Coalition assault. Sometimes they manage it – sometimes they don’t – sometimes the animals have to use their attack copters to win! At Eastbourne we got to play in a real Napoleonic fort!

Taken to ‘To The Redoubt’ (Eastbourne, 26th July 2008 – contact [email protected] ); ‘Attack’ (Devizes, 12th July 2008 – contact ); Valhalla’ (Farnborough, 15th June 2008 – contact ).


  ‘Episode 24.8 ‘Raise The ‘Titania’!’, Part 2′ is a space/ground interface combat game where competing players raced to save both some hostages and Al Gore City, Antarctica, Earth. It’s also a sequal to our earlier ‘My Heart Will Go On’. Loads of great players, positive feed-back and (at ‘Salute’) a plethora of reinactors to watch – these Roman legionaries ‘in transit’ were great! ‘Campaign’ was a really relaxed show, held in the wonderful retail cathedral of ‘thecentre:MK’. We hoped to benfit from ‘passing trade’ – sadly a lot of the trade passed by – being elegant ladies moving from one outfitters to another!

Taken to ‘Campaign’ (Milton Keynes, 10th May 2008 – contact ); ‘Fisticuffs’ (Weymouth, 26th April 2008 – contact [email protected] ); ‘Salute’ (London, 1th April 2008 – contact


 This year we didn’t get lost at all on our way to ‘Crusade’ – there or back!!! It was the first time out for ‘The Data Encyption Affair’ – a double-bluff ambush game played on the ground and in space using the interface rules. In one game the Vixens managed to snatch the evil Maria Cortes and Colonel Purbrick for trial, the other time they failed miserably. Lots of ships badly shot-up too. Exeter was Livia’s first show with the Roadshow crew – and we only got moderately lost on the way back! In one game in Plymouth was a draw as both sides teams died horribly in orbital mines. Main photo – the table and Steve ‘resting his eyes’ before packing up.

Taken to ‘Legionary’ (Exeter, 1st March 2008 – contact; ‘Call To Arms’ (Newbury and Reading, 9th February 2008 – contact [email protected] ); ‘PAW’ (Plymouth, 2nd February 2008 – contact; ‘Crusade’ (Penarth, Wales, 2th January 2008 – contact


At ‘Colours’ we premiered our new range of ships and space combat starter rules in a game where player shad to escort a vital convoy across the table area. Sadly our paperback ‘Anthology One’ wasn’t available as it was stuck in the post! A great running game with a Coalition convoy first surviving transit, then being beaten up by bad guys. At ‘ Warfare’our paperback ‘Anthology One’ made its show debut and sold well. An unexpected hit was customers wanting signed dedications written!

Taken to ‘Reveille II’ (Bristol, 25th November 2007 – contact; ‘Warfare ’07’ (Reading, 17th November 2007 – contact; ‘Colours’ (Newbury and Reading, 15th September 2007 – contact ).


  We premiered our brand new semi-aquatic game ‘Space Vixens Of The Carribean’ at the prestigious South London Warlords Show, ‘Salute’. In this scenario the Vixens and a Caprican team race each other to rescue Governer Sir William Knightly and his wife and daughter from evil pirate Captain Williams (played by the umpire). We had a variety of results, both sides winning at times – and in one case exceeding their rules of engagement to shoot it out while the pirates escaped – the Captain once even turning poor Miss Knightly to a life of piracy! A celebrity gamer was Marcus Rowland, famed author of ‘Forgotten Futures’ and ‘Diana – Warrior Princess’ (the Warlords have posted pictures at ). We ran the game again at an appropriately wet ‘Attack’ – in one game the ‘Amazon’ getting blown out of the sky by exceptionally lucky pirates. This proves anyone can role a 1/36 chance of missing!! After a wet ‘Attack’ we played again the heat of the wonderful Tank Museum – thanks to the organisers for fitting us in at short notice and to ‘Black Cat Bases’ for packaging and selling our SV10 ‘Space Vixens Starter Pack’ for the first time.

Taken to ‘A Whiff Of Grapeshot’ @ Firepower’ (The Royal Artillery Museum, Woolwich, London, 12th August 2007 – contact [email protected] ); ‘Battlegroup South’ (Bovington, 30th July 2007 – contact [email protected] ); ‘Attack’ (Devizes, 30th June 2007 – contact ); ‘Salute’ (London, 22nd April 2007 – contact ).


Premiered at ‘Colours’, the Vixens faced a desperate journey to save Martian marines surrounded in ‘Sharpes’ Drift’. In one game they arrived in the nick of time, in others they were too late to save them. With ‘recycled’ Leylandii it’s very ‘green’ game that can go both ways. Will Major Sharpe end up obliged (in the Austen sense) to Space Vixen Shona M’Benga for saving his life?

Indeed, so popular did this game prove we often repeated it. Nice to see so many young people come back to play again. As Kylie and Robbie said, ‘we don’t mind doing it for the kids’ – that’s why we’re here – to inspire the next generation of gamers. That said, the game was ‘jinxed’ by perpetually getting lost in transit and mechanical breakdowns. Especially at Penarth. If you do get a welcome in the hillsides the bi-lingual roadsigns don’t help!

Taken to ‘Overlord’ (Abingdon, 18th February 2007 – contact; ‘Call To Arms’ (Newbury and Reading, 10th February 2007); ‘Legionary MMVII’ (Exeter, 3rd February 2007); Crusade 2007′ (Penarth, Wales, 27th January 2007); ‘Warfare’ (Reading, 18th November 2006); ‘Colours’(Newbury and Reading, 9th September 2006).


A special one-off never to be repeated Space Vixens game for which a huge (9″) trophy was won by Robert Steel for the highest ‘bodycount’ of Leylandii and USE ‘Baddies’ over the weekend, as players took squads of Coalition troops to root out USE and Leylandii defenders of the Temple of Crouch on newly liberated planet Kalid. For a special fee – to our charity for ‘The Royal Star And Garter Homes’ for ex-servicemen – players could even ‘hire’ the Space Vixens themselves to improve their score! Robert’s winning score was 51, others were Phil Paget (49), Sharne Bartlett (30), Rowen Powell (21), Cerys Powell (10), Laurence Taylor and Chris Knight (both aged 8),  and Tom Evans (3).

Only at ‘STaB’ (Bournemouth, 22nd and 23rd July 2006 – our club convention – contact ).


How many can lives can you save as starliner ‘Titania’ is hit by a Jovian ice block and slips into the atmosphere of the gas giant? ‘Salute’ saw the first outing of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ , our figures and starter rules eagerly on sale. In three games participants got a wide range or results as the new Amazon model – scratchbuilt by Frank – made it’s first combat appearance (subsequently we’d sequal the game in Raise The ‘Titania’!, Part Two’).

At Bovington, to the background of the greatest collection of tanks and AFV in the world, and on the 90th anniversary, the game had its penultimate outing – as once again England lost on penalties! The World Cup that was, not the Somme… ‘It’s a doll’s house with guns!’ said Martin Burt of our ‘Titania’ model.

Taken to ‘Attack’ (Devizes, 8th July 2006); ‘Battlegroup South’ (1st July 2006); ‘Fisticuffs’(Weymouth, 6th May 2006); Salute’ (London, Excel 22nd April 2006).


 The Space Vixens are sent back in time to the siege of Troy, on a mission from God to save Trojan hero Aeneus for posterity. In many games they were successful, though by game three the Greeks were getting the hang of hanging the Trojan by sneaking around the back (not in a wooden horse either). ‘Call To Arms 2006′ was the first convention at which our figures and starter rules were on sale.

Taken to ‘Call to Arms’ (Newbury and Reading, 11th February 2006); ‘Colours ’05’(Newbury and Reading, 3rd September 2005).


‘Salute’ is the big show, always well organised by the South London Warlords in the heart of the capital. ‘The Pope Must Die’ had some unfortunate topicality, but no one took offence as the Vixens struggled to save His Holiness from the forces of Darkness.

‘Bifrost is a sci-fi only show, in the heart of England for the The Society of Fantasy And Science Fiction Wargamers , and a write up of the game has appeared in their journal ‘Ragnorak 50’ .

At other shows this game saw some unusual gambits to emliminate His Holiness – the USE not always thwarted by the Vixens. Marie-Clare is getting far too willing to throw herself on the Pontiff as a human shield as the enemy gatecrash his escape ship by a turncoat Swiss guard as it reaches for orbital safety.

Taken to ‘Attack’ (Devizes, 9th July 2005); ‘Bifrost’ (Birmingham, 2nd July 2005); ‘Salute’ (Olympia, London, 23rd April 2005); ‘Call to Arms’ (Newbury and Reading, 12th February 2005).


‘Colours’ is a huge general wargames convention, held in the centre of Southern England. Our ‘scientist rescue’ scenario included a brand new alien species, The Capricans (previewed from ‘Book Four’ ), and a split in the USE/Leylandii alliance – plus the infamous promo tee-shirts – modelled here by Steve and son Phil!

Taken to ‘Colours’ (Newbury and Reading, 11th September 2004).


 This game was our first huge one, with over a hundred figures and several vehicles on both sides. Gary refereed, as an ‘active’ umpire, controlling some retro-Taurasians and some nasty pirates out to settle a blood-feud with poor Sapce Vixen Yoko (who escaped)! Phil Pagett and Eddy Kenworthy played the Coalition, and Steve Purbrick and Frank Cutbush the Leylandii/USE alliance (the ‘forces of order’ as they like to call them!), with other participants getting involved as and when. If you look in the distance of the gamers picture you can just make out our friends at ‘Ground Zero Games’, who first cast our miniatures. At ‘Attack’ we repeated the ‘Bifrost’ adventure – this time the nasty pirates captured poor Yoko, and like Wendy in ‘Peter Pan’ made her do their ironing! This game also got us our first press mention in ‘Miniature Wargames’ .

Taken to ‘Attack’ (Devizes, 10th July 2004); ‘Bifrost’ (Birmingham, 4th July 2004).


 Painting all the figures, vehicles and buildings for ‘Space Vixens’ initially took quite a time. This was the game’s first ever outing, and in a small participation game, run several times throughout the day, the Space Vixens and some Martian crew, fought gangs of vicious Leylandii for control of a radio tower, while brave Leylandii fought gangs of vicious Martians for the very same thing! With different results each time great fun was had by all!

Taken to ‘Overlord’, Abingdon on 4th March 2012 (see ); ‘Fisticuffs’ (Weymouth, 1st May 2004).


STaB (ongoing).

Gary and Steve’s club is the Southbourne Tabletop and Boardgamers (STaB for short). We meet the first and last Sunday of every month, and Vixens games are often played.

We stage the best mini-conventions on the UK’s south coast, where players can specialise in particular games. See  for club contacts and details.

At STaB we also play the ‘historical and fantasy supplement’ to the rule system that will facilitate skirmish games from mankind’s warlike past – and into the realm of magical fantasy!


 Gary’s duties at the Hampshire secondary school where he used to teach included running the ‘Historical And Adventure Game Club’ (HAG). The ‘Hags’ are continuing to play a Vixens ‘campaign’ where, as ‘Special Unit #2’, they monthly complete missions for Admiral Harris. At present they are tracking pirates and escaped war criminals on the edge of Carnoustie space as they strive to increase their character statistics towards ‘Hero’ status…