It is now 2533 – and ‘Book Three’ moves the story further onward.


Episode Seven, ‘Dark Vixens Rising’ sees impostor Space Vixens, warped by transfer from a parallel universe, help a resurgent USE fight back against Coalition forces.


In Episode Eight, ‘Reach For The Sky’, the Vixens makes an emergency landing at a Carnoustie fighter base and become involved with the turmoil of some propaganda filmmakers while making a deep penetration raid.


In the feature-length Episode Nine, ‘The Trial Of Mavis Plumber’, the 20th century British dictator is resurrected from suspended animation and put on trial. Meanwhile the surviving Dark Vixens and USE forces take control of a Taurasian industrial tech planet, Anistan Prime. Backed by the Coalition’s enemies, the plant-like Leylandii, they restore the evil USE as a major power, rescue Plumber, and make her their titular head.


In Episode Ten, ‘Operation Lumberjack’, the Martian fleet make the first ever raid on Leylandii homeworld, Leya.


Finally ‘Book Three’ provides full updates for players of the Adventure Game. Synopses are given for the ‘oral-tradition-only’ Episodes Two to Six. In indexed sequence new ship and character stats are provided for the miniatures rules, plus player briefing updates, a full colour plate of major new characters from the brush of Frank Cutbush, and handy ‘quick reference sheets’ to speed play.