‘Book Seven’ has a balance of FIVE full-length adventures – plus OVER TWENTY new scenarios and campaigns, several interfacing ‘space combat’ and ‘tactical’ games – as well as an alternate universe VSF RPG-style developing ‘campaign’! ‘Book Seven’ is set a few years after ‘Book Five’. In part written by Iain Mark Johnson it takes up the story of the reformed Kingdom of Earth plus the back-story arc of Space Vixen Sita Desai’s ‘Austens’ infection romance with Knight of Gaia, Sir Tristan du Lac, Free Trader Ste VanMooRe and much much more. As always all relevant rule updates and new character and ship stats are included, and the volume is additionally illustrated with new characters and stills from some of our show games.


New episodes:- ‘Episode 26.0 – ‘The One With Steve And Maria’s Wedding’ . While some of the Vixens are almost captured by a USE trap, Sita meets both fairies and her nemesis, Earth Knight of Gaia Sir Tristan du Lac.


Episode 27.0 – ‘White Man Van’. On a desperate mission behind enemy lines Sita and Sir Tristan impersonate ‘rogue trader’ Ste VanMooRe and his droid Ann – little realising they have contracted the incurable Austen’s Syndrome.


Episode 28.0 – ‘To Steal A Mockingbird’. Upon completing their mission Sita and Tristan discover their dread infection, and on Earth King Arthur reign is bolstered by the discovery of ancient sword Excalibur.


Episode 29.0 – ‘The Crystal Tower’. Driven insane by her infection Sita pursues Tristan to eco-disaster Rim world of D’nes E’varg II, pursued by the other Vixens. Upon arrival they thwart a plot by rogue Coalition operatives to commit genocide upon the Leylandii.


Episode 30.0 – ‘Heirs To The Republic’. New recruits Special Unit #3 – The Space Wildcats – prove themselves against a new USE terror weapon.