Pilot Episode – ‘Earth Fall – Mars Rise’ . This double-length story opens with the girls’ abduction before spinning forward to the year 2525. We discover humanity is about to lose a savage war of expansion – its a future where humans are most certainly not the good guys! Earth is duly occupied by Coalition forces. The story then moves on six years to 2531. Led by dashing twentysomething George Windsor (former British King George XIV) the humans of Mars have been working to achieve democratic statehood within the Coalition, thereby proving mankind worthy of having Earth returned. On the eve of this momentous event a crashed Grey ship is recovered and found to contain our seven heroines in suspended animation. Knowing mankind’s fearsome military reputation rogue Coalition intelligence plans to re-program them as super-warriors for their defensive war against a species of sentient plants called the Leylandii. The girls are rescued from this fate by the Martians – but not before a wealth of military expertese has been downloaded to their brains. Accordingly they begin training as special forces, pledge to defend humanity and to steer it towards a better future. As the episode concludes they prove their worth, and mankind is given new hope.


In Episode One – ‘ Life In Mars’ . The Vixens infiltrate the Tamajin , the 26th century Mafia, and discover a long lost Martian civilisation, surviving hidden from the rest of the galaxy for 65 million years.

‘Book One’ ends in 2532.