book20‘Book Nine’ has a balance of SIX adventures – plus OVER TEN new scenarios, including some for the historical supplement! ‘Book Nine’ looks back to the past on Earth, human contamination of alien societies – as well as providing our (now deleted) freebies and much much more. As always all relevant new rule updates and character and ship stats are included, and the volume is additionally illustrated with new character plates and stills from some of our show games.


New episodes:- Episode 25I – ‘Divine Wind: Richard III (Part 2)’ sees the Space Vixens tackle oppression in an alternate 1930s.


In the series Episode 25M – ‘The Girl From MARS’ an (alleged) Hannah clone sent back to the ‘Swinging Sixties’ to act as top British spy.


Episode 30.1 – ‘Advent Of The Sky’ looks at the effect of human castaways on the indigs of Rim world of Vere.


In Episode 41.5 – ‘The Wreck Of The ‘Glenmoor”, with Martian politics turning to the dark side the Space Vixens have to overcome treachery to rescue and resurrect an old friend.


Finally, in Episode 42.0 – ‘The Winner Takes It All’ the Vixens are reunited with Tatiana Ulanov, and ‘disappear’ during the Battle of Karongar…