It is now 2534 – and in ‘Book Four’the dramatic story accelerates as the war continues against the evil Leylandii and their human clients, the equally unsavoury USE.


In Episode Thirteen, ‘Planet Of The Goats’‘first contact’ is made with the Caprican Empire, an alien world where evolution has progressed against ‘humanz’ in favour of ‘goats’. Accidentally tampering with another society the Vixens risk alienating this powerful neutral power.


In Episode Fourteen, ‘God Moves’ the Vixens cheat death at the hands of a USE bomb. Guided by Martian patron St. Kylie, they allegedly go back in time to the siege of Troy, and to 2010, to correct the timeline for The Supreme Being. ‘Oxygen narcosis’ or genuine ‘vision’? The reader must decide whether or not some genuine ‘higher plan’ is being played out.


Working undercover in Episode Fifteen, ‘Port Merrion High’, the Vixens prevent the assassination of Pope Georgius-Annulus – and the reader gains insight into teenage life in a society out to eradicate prejudice, yet constantly threatened by terrorism.


The climax of the volume is reached with Episode Eighteen, a novelisation of pilot screenplay ‘Republic In Peril’. It is 2535, and as youngest Space Vixen, Hannah Smith, marries Mars’ democratically elected leader, Governor George Windsor, the USE invade Mars. With help from the rest of the Coalition the Martians re-establish freedom. But at what price? In the constitutional climax, setting the scene for sequel episode ‘Once And Future King’, threats to the Republic come in many forms…


As in ‘Book Three’ full updates are provided for players of the Adventure Games Rules. Synopses are given for ‘oral-tradition-only’ episodes, and in indexed sequence new ship and character stats are provided for the miniatures rules, plus three full colour plates of major new characters and equipment.