book17‘Book Eight’ has a balance of FOUR adventures – plus OVER TWENTY new scenarios and campaigns, including some for the historical and fantasy supplements! ‘Book Eight’ looks back to the turn of the millennium on Earth, alien incursions, and the first Mars landing – as well as providing our (now deleted) freebies and much much more. As always all relevant new rule updates and character and ship stats are included, and the volume is additionally illustrated with new character plates and stills from some of our show games.


New episodes:- ‘Episode 0.03.0 – ‘Reality Squared’ explores alien ‘harvesting’ in the Felpersham area of the UK, focusing on life around the university and it’s Applied Literature’ faculty.


Episode 0.04 – ‘Pygmalion’ explores the dangers of IVR ‘computer game’ addiction.


Episode 0.045 – ‘The Dunes of Mars’ looks at mankind’s first Mars landing, through the eyes of Colonel Carpenter’s crew, their secret agenda, UNCLE agents back on Earth, and a sympathetic Taurasian defector.


Episode 0.51B – ‘The Good, The Bad And The Ugly’ is an award winning vignette set during the Coalition invasion of Earth in 2525.


Episode 12.0 – ‘Saving Lieutenant Kurosawa’ is a textual dramatisation of our in-production graphic novel – complete with some of the graphics.