The A5 publication of a compendium of the best adventures and (unillustrated) starter rules to the end of ‘Book Five’ – all in one handy 404 page paperback.

Eight of the Space Vixens greatest adventures are included – plus one never before released. Proceeds from the new adventure will go to help fund the restoration of ‘Highcliffe Castle’ .

CONTENTS: Timeline / Feature Length Pilot Episode 0.5 – Earth Fall, Mars Rise / Episode Seven – Dark Vixens Rising / Episode Eight – Reach For The Sky / Episode Ten – Operation Lumberjack / Episode 11.5 – The Mystery of Highcliffe Castle / (exclusive to this anthology) / Feature Length Episode Fourteen – God Moves / Feature Length Episode Eighteen – Republic In Peril / Episode Twenty-One – Phoenix / Episode Twenty Four – Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus / Introductory Space Combat Game Rules (unillustrated) / Introductory Tactical Game Rules (unillustrated)



Fiona Fox’ first ‘SVfM – Dark Chronicles’publication is a full-length PDF novel that comes in ‘parental advisory’ and ‘adult’ editions, the latter for sale to over-18s only (assumption of age is implicit when you order via pay-pal). The bundle includes a PDF of the relevant ‘rule updates’ and extended ‘verse timeline.


‘Episode 40.1 – ‘Mother’s Ruin’ . It is 2565, and the ancient Rim space station, known to it’s inhabitants as ‘Mother’, is occupied by the Caprican Empire. As its beings adjust and intrigue relations between the Capricans and the Galactic Coalition deteriorate into war over economic and political influence on The Rim – culminating decisively in 2566.

Adult version also available on Amazon Kindle




Our second ‘SVfM – Dark Chronicles’publication is a series of episodes covering the use and abuse of cloning technology by the USE. The novel comes in ‘parental advisory’ and ‘adult’ editions, the latter for sale to over-18s only (assumption of age is implicit when you order via pay-pal). The bundle includes a PDF of the relevant ‘rule updates’ and extended ‘verse timeline. Contents:-

Episode 0.02 – ‘Fifteen Girls, All Called Rebecca’. Earth’s United Nations begins to authorise military cloning.
Episode 0.05 – ‘An Impure Child’. Life in the totalitarian and aggressive USE is glimpsed in its full horror as cloning experiments accelerate.
Episode 0.115 – ‘Send In The Clones’. The Battle of Simbera – pyrrhic human victory – huge losses in the USE’s clone army as the tide starts to turn in the Coalition’s favour.
Episode 35.1 – ‘Elizabeth C.’. Maria Cortes clone Elizabeth defects the USE for the Coalition – with the help of an unexpected clone ally.
Episode 41.0 – ‘Dancing With Myself’. Space Vixen Melody Jackson discovers a previously unknown clone relative, and the Vixens uncover a plan of galactic-wide spiritual domination.

Adult version also available on Amazon Kindle




Our third and fourth ‘SVfM – Dark Chronicles’publications come as a bundle, in a brace of epic volumes covering a group of authors centered around ‘Applied Literature’ Professor Janet Hartley, and Taurasian agents led by Soote Tharpe ‘harvesting’ Earth -plus secret planetary defence operatives of the United Nations Command for the Location of Extra-Terrestrials (UNCLE). The saga’s focus is Felpersham University, Borsetshire, UK, at the turn of the 21st century and as before the novels come in ‘parental advisory’ and ‘adult’ editions, the latter for sale to over-18s only (assumption of age is implicit when you order via pay-pal). The bundle includes a PDF of the relevant ‘rule updates’ and extended ‘verse timeline. Contents:-

Vol 1. Episode 0.0011 – ‘Lost Weekend.’ Janet encounters a dark secret from her past, and Soote arrives on Earth to find her clone predecessor has broken the rules to biologically meddle with the local humans.
Vol 1. Episode 0.011 – ‘Tricks of The Trade’. As Janet’s writers pursue their careers Soote fights to resist the temptation to ‘go native’.
Vol 1. Episode 0.03A – ‘Reality Really Squared’. In this 12” remix of episode ‘Reality Squared’ from ‘Book 8’ Janet’s career suffers setback – and Soote leaves Earth at the end of her mission, determined never to return.
Vol 2. Episode 0.035 – ‘All The Lonely People’. As Janet and her writers pursue their careers student Adam Wolinksi discovers too much and is recruited by UNCLE…
Vol 2. Episode 0.036 – ‘Two Into One Won’t Go’. As Janet and her writers pursue their careers Soote is ordered back to Earth to ascertain the extent of that world’s improving planetary defences.
Vol 2. Episode 0.04A – ‘The Full Pygmalion™’. In this 12” remix of episode ‘Pygmalion™’ from ‘Book 8’ Janet reconnects with her past as human ‘Immersive Virtual Reality’ (IVR) technology advances.
Vol 2. Episode 0.042 – ‘Remaindered’. Soote returns to Earth to make a successful raid – and then returns to Homeworld with some unexpectedly familiar human ‘harvest’…

Adult versions also available on Amazon Kindle as separate volumes



 For a taster of the new ‘fantasy’ and ‘historical’ rule supplements buy Issue 2 of Battlegames magazine(May/June 2006), where these are contained in Gary’s historical article, ‘Sharpe’s Pride And Prejudice’ . Fantasy Amazon stats have also been included in issue 309 of Miniature Wargames (Jan 2009).

‘Ragnorak 53’ (Jan. 2009) contains a ‘Dr Who’ variant as ‘Regicide of Pokeham’ (see The Society of Fantasy And Science Fiction Wargamers ). We’ve also used the rules for ‘Star Trek’ (some stats in ‘Ragnorak 56’ ) and ‘Star Wars’ games. ‘Battlegames 20’ (November/December 2009) has an article on gaming Harry Turtledove’s alien invasion of Earth during WWII, with stats for ‘Dad’s Army’ as well as lizards!

Articles about our games have been published in ‘Ragnorak 50’ as ‘The Pope Must Die’ ; in ‘Ragnorak 53’ with an article about ‘Book 6’ ; and in ‘Ragnorak 56’ and ’57’ as ‘Divine Wind’ episodes where the Vixens cross universes to encounter Kirk, Spock and Robin Hood (but not at the same time). In ‘Ragnorak 58’ The Vixens are sent back in time to ensure the siege of Troy unfolds as it should. In ‘Rag 59’ the rules are used for ‘Star Trek’ in ‘The Drake Incident’. In ‘Ragnorak 60’ The Vixens are sent back in time to save the 1966 World Cup in Fourteen Arms To Hold You’.

Issue 3 of The Ancible contains a free version of ‘Bar Fight’ and a write-up on show game ‘Tribunal’ – whilst Issue 5 contains a ‘Divine Wind’ game where the Vixens return to a ‘Victorian sci-fi’ Horswell Common to help defeat an alternative Martian invasion.

Online gaming magazine ‘The Gazebo’   ) has SVfM articles ‘The Lost Patrol’ (Issue 1) and ‘1984: A Very British Revolution’ (Issue 2).


Reviews have been published in the June 2006, May 2008, February 2009, July 2009, May 2010 and April 2011 editions of ‘Miniature Wargames’; ‘Ragnorak 51’, April 2008’s ‘Wargames Illustrated’ ; in May/June 2008’s issue of ‘Battlegames’ – and many, many more on the Net – just google ‘Space Vixens From Mars’! Gary has also been interviewed about the project on TV!



A self-contained introductory draft graphic novel – with exclusive sample pages of artwork personally completed by Frank. The vixens find themselves on planet Zidane, about to be overwhelmed by Leylandii assault. They are saved by the intervention of pirate Captain Williams who, in revenge for earlier incarceration, takes Yoko prisoner. Setting out to rescue her the Vixens are themselves captured and ransomed to the USE, but with the help of the Anistan resistance escape to thwart Mrs Plumber’s latest self-bombastic propaganda coup… (A version of this story was our 2011 festive freebie).



Also available as a self-contained introductory screenplay, suitable for either live action or animation. An extract of this adventure, ‘Planet Karr’ appears on the CD ‘Suddenly… I’m An Award Winning Novelist’.



An adult version of this episode (from ‘Book 9’) is also available for sale to over-18s only via Amazon Kindle