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08/04/2024 Sadly we have received a DMCA notification concerning some of our ‘Rim Alien’ range. Bit of a Trek now, but c’est la gare. Those third party AI search bots, eh? Price list (pricelist  ) here to download. Contact form in usual place…

25/01/2023 RIP our artist, Frank Cutbush. Rest in peace.

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SADLY, DUE TO METAL PRICE INCREASES, WE HAVE BEEN OBLIGED TO RAISE PRICES, as the pre-Brexit rates are no longer sustainable.

NEW POSTAL RED TAPE TO EU – PLEASE BE AWARE. Plot twist! the UK has left the EU (you may not have heard). At the moment we think we can send orders as normal with just a customs declaration.

NEW POSTAL RATES TO USA – PLEASE BE AWARE. The US Post Office has unilaterally increased it’s ‘last mile charges’ – so sadly His Majesty’s Royal Mail has been obliged to pass this on to consumers.

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Thanks to Vic Dobson for these character rosters and scenario: Roster Blank 1

Ship Roster Blank

Scenario #1 Inspection Tour

NEW! NEW! NEW! Our successful rule engine and system has been adapted for ‘macro’ unit level games. It is now available here at SVfM Macro Tactical Rules

If you require ‘tracking’ for your purchase please tell us when you order – we will invoice you subsequently for the extra postage cost.

QE II 4Just got to share this wonderful painting of our DW2 ‘Elizabeth II’ model from customer Paul Meagher.

Writing-wise the VSF collaborative spin-off ‘Georgina Talbot – Steampunk Princess’ is on the stocks and under development – and a page for this has been set-up – so check out episodes 1, 2, 13 – and 24!

Our ‘SVfM’ D6 promo dice have now run out – we sharn’t be stocking more unless there is a demand for a re-order.

We’re getting hip to da thang wiv da kidz in da hood and ‘ave set up a ‘SVfM’ Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/278318402249603/ . So sign up for your chance to bring truth, freedom, justice and democracy to the galaxy.

Keep watching the skies!