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Book Two

Last updated 23rd October 2011




Book Two shows the Vixens to be more than just ‘babes with blasters’!
Ideal for sci-fi gamers everywhere it is the complete background to the Space Vixens universe and includes full game rules for both ship-to-ship and tactical ground combat using miniature replicas plus non-combat role-play. Lavishly illustrated by artist Frank Cutbush, care has been taken to ensure that rules and systems will also be useful to gamers replicating other sci-fi universe.


Sections of the book include a universe Timeline, fully crossed-referenced and interfaced rules for ground and ship-to-ship actions, ‘Player Briefings’ and ‘stats’ on all the species, ships and main characters involved, plus rule expositions and a sample adventure ‘Entrapment’ .


‘Book Two’ covers up to 2532 and is updated by supplements in each subsequent novel – available to purchasers of the full rules as a free PDF file.

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