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Book Five

Page last updated 23rd October 2011




 ‘Book Four’ended in January 2535 with a USE invasion of Mars thwarted – and a cliff-hanger ending concerning the constitutional crisis of an attempt to make comatose Governor Windsor ‘king.


This story is taken up in ‘Episode Nineteen – ‘Once And Future King’ when, with original Vixens Yoko and Hannah leaving due to marriage and pregnancy, the girls take on new recruits the Marxist Tatiana Ulanov and the Muslim Aleya Assad. Uncovering an official ‘plot’ to solve ‘The Earth Question’ and grant the planet statehood they discover the key is Hannah’s unborn son Arthur – heir to the ancient house of Windsor. Despite a terrorist attack on the Martian Assembly the Red Planet’s democratic republic survives and thrives. Yoko and husband Stam concieve a mixed species child…


In ‘Episode Twenty-One -‘Phoenix’, evil Maria Cortes of the USE recovers a lost cruiser, the ‘Jefferson Davis’ , which the empire intends as a template to build a new battlefleet. They also devise an antidote to the Space Vixens in ‘The Protectoral Guard’, led by Cortes’ new lover, the dashing but ruthless Colonel Purbrick.


In ‘Episode Twenty-Three –‘’1957’’, Tatiana and Aleya return to the past after ‘death’ in a terrorist attack on ‘Bar Viking’. Here they reconstruct the timeline for The Supreme Being – ensuring the meeting of Lennon and McCartney and – with a little help from their friends – the successful launch of Sputnik I. Back in 2535 the Space Vixens try to trace their ‘missing’ comrades as they are stood down to rest and reform.


In ‘Episode Twenty-Four – ‘Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus’ despite an attempt by the USE to destroy the coronation – George and Hannah’s newborn son Arthur becomes King of Earth – his life to be guided by the newly elected Council. As man’s homeworld finally achieves Coalition statehood Yoko and Hannah rejoin the Vixens (despite motherhood), but a reborn USE fleet is ready the scene, a phantom menace waiting in the wings…

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